Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Current Economic Crisis

It is no secret that our country is in a severe financial crisis. Over a year ago, I said that God's judgment was coming on our nation and God knows how to get our attention. We are a country that is motivated by money and the things it will provide. Now we see that our precious financial security is about to collapse. No "bail-out" package will save us from the judgment of God. It may delay the inevitable, but it will not stop His judgment. The only thing that MIGHT stop His judgment is national repentance and fasting. However, the difficult times are bringing to light how far away from God our country really is. The attacks, smears and mocking of Gov. Palin's faith is evidence of the moral state of this country. Our nation is not only not a Christian nation anymore, it is actually anti-Christian. Some of the nasty comments I have received for standing for Biblical truth on this blog also evidence that America is now being run by godless unrepentant sinners who are bringing us under an awful judgment that is just beginning. In one of my doctoral classes, we discussed defending the faith. Dr. Arthur Moen made the ultimate argument: "so, how is it working out for you?" So godless secular America, "how is it working out for you?" As your financial markets collapse, depression comes, and your borders remain unprotected, I wonder when you will realize that your real problem is rebellion against God. You did not evolve from monkeys; you were created by God. You owe God your total allegiance. As godless America continues to allow abortion and gay marriage, watch the walls crumble. We, the true church, must cry "repent and turn to the living and true God!" It will bring persecution and mocking, but take courage, it will only last a little longer.

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