Thursday, October 27, 2011

Doubt and Unbelief

There are times that one may have faith and at the same time doubt. The presence of faith not not exclude unbelief. True faith is not the absence of doubt, it is the presence of trust. When one has trust that YHWH's word creates the ultimate reality, then the physical reality observed through the five senses will submit to the superior power. Too many "Christians" want to debate "doctrine" and argue over correct teachings. While they are doing that, watch how powerless their religion is. It is a religion based on intellectual satisfaction. Shaul (Paul) spoke of coming with a word of power.

Does your word have power? Or, are you merely debating theological correctness? There is a hurting world that needs the followers of YHWH to have a "show and tell" faith walk. If you can walk in the supernatural, then you can share the message of Yeshua and they will listen. Too often, the message preached is an attempt to get someone to agree with your 10 points of doctrine. If they do, they are part of the club. If not, they are labeled heretics.

How would a ministry change if they did not share the message of salvation until the power of YHWH had been demonstrated first? How can we walk in the supernatural? The answer is not that complicated. However, the price is not cheap. Tomorrow, we look at paying the price. You can bring any doubts with you because doubt will not stop you from walking in the supernatural.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Violent Faith

Faith needs to be aggressive. I know some might take offense to such an approach. However, when one remembers what is behind the pain and suffering we endure in this life, the need to be in attack mode with our faith becomes readily apparent. John 10:10 becomes a dividing line. Yeshua comes to bring us life while the devil comes to bring death and destruction. Yeshua's life is not just any life. It is a life of abundance. It is not characterized by being the victim of murder, theft, or destruction. If someone came to your home with the purpose to kill your family, steal your possessions, and destroy your abundant life, how would you greet him? I would greet him with every weapon I had. I would be as aggressive as I needed be to end the threat against my family.

I received an E-Mail today from a group that was arguing that God does not heal today, and that the age of miracles has past. No thanks! My first response was that in my example, I would have no way to defeat the enemy from entering my home to take away from me my loved ones. The E-Mail came from a group that believes in a powerless God. They see the greatest testimony being the tribute to God that He gets from the way we endure suffering. Again, no thanks! I believe the greater testimony is when we take dominion over evil and defeat it with the authority and power that has been granted to the follower of the Way, i.e Yeshua.

It is time to get violent. No, I am not talking about physical violence like a protester. Instead, I am talking about a spiritual violence that defeats the work of the devil at every turn and every opportunity. This is not a fight for the faint at heart. This is a fight for those who want to mount up and win.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A True Description of Faith

It has been almost six months since I have made a blog post. I wanted to break free from feeling like I had to post. I wanted to wait until I had something to say. That time is now. I have been asking the question: "Why do the experiences of Bible followers of Yeshua differ so much from ours?" This will be my purpose in writing for the immediate future. Our faith seems to be too balanced. It seems to be an unoffensive neutral approach to life. My position is that faith should be excessive. It should be on the edge. It should be willing to take a chance because to the one with faith, it is not chance. There is real evidence that the object of faith exists. That evidence is proof that the object sought not only only exists, but will become a reality in the life of the one who has true faith.

We need to reach a point that our faith is reaching toward that which natural reality says is unreachable. It is at the very point that reality attempts to crush your faith that true faith must take the higher reality of the unseen world and thrust the seen reality underneath the supernatural power of true faith. If this sounds like I am describing a fight, it is because I am. Faith is the good fight we fight. We do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but we do wrestle with the unseen forces that help support the reality we seek to alter.

It is time to rise up with the hand of faith and seize the supernatural reality of the unseen world and bring into our natural world the divine power that comes by faith. The sick will be healed. Shattered lives will be repaired. The forces of darkness will flee. The power of true faith brings supernatural results when applied by men and women who have determined to reign as a king in this life. It is time to become militant.