Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Revisited: America Begins To Turn on Israel

I made a post on February 27, 2009, that expressed concern over the subtle change in policy by the United States toward Israel. As of today's date, March 16, 2010, relations between the United States and Israel are in a critical stage. Look back at the post from over a year ago and you are likely to see how dangerous our plight is. Also, look at the first post today concerning the Jews preparing for the rebuilding of the Temple. The clouds are forming.

Subsequent to the election of Barack Obama, one of the keys I suggested that we watch was America's treatment of Israel. The below article shows the beginning of a change in policy toward Israel. This is very dangerous; we are close to an economic collapse with the dollar losing value internationally. We are going into massive debt from which there may be no recovery. Our politicians are using tax dollars to fund abortions world wide and now we are turning on Israel. God will not be mocked; He will and is bringing judgment to our nation. The church needs to pray and repent before it is to late.

"In a swift about face from her views as New York's senator, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is now hammering Israel over its treatment of Palestinians in Gaza.

As First Lady, Clinton raised eyebrows when she kissed Suha Arafat.

Since she was then seeking a Senate seat the resulting brouhaha caused her to "re-think" her positions.

"I'm a very strong supporter of Israel," Clinton said back in February 2000.

On Thursday, as Secretary of State she had yet another about face in the form of angry messages demanding Israel speed up aid to Gaza. Jewish leaders are furious.

"I am very surprised, frankly, at this statement from the United States government and from the secretary of state," said Mortimer Zuckerman, publisher of the New York Daily News and member of the NYC Jewish Community Relations Council."

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