Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

As we approach Christmas day 2010, I wonder how many well meaning Christians will totally miss the "reason for the season." The Internet has many historical accounts of the true reason for the season. It is not the Hebrew Yeshua; the holiday is a pagan celebration of the winter solistice. Almost every major religion has some type of holiday this time of the year. All the time we have been fighting to keep "Christ in Christmas," we have been engaging the wrong battle. Yeshua has nothing to do with the season, despite what you have been taught in Sunday School. This season is about greed and money. It is about finding the best gift at the right price to make our loved ones and friends happy. Everybody does the same thing and the retailers hope to benefit from our efforts to some how believe that Jesus is happy with all this mess.

All of this must make G-d sick. The typical Christmas story contains so many errors. The wise men didn't show up in the stable. Actually, neither did Joseph or Mary for that matter. They were in a home with an attached area with privacy. They were not in an inn, but they were not out in a cold stable either. Joseph was from the lineage of David. He would have been well received in Bethlehem and would not have been turned away. Yet, we have created a Christmas story that we seek to fight for that is just plain wrong.

We need the truth, but from the line in a "Few Good Men," can we handle the truth? The truth is that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah. His mission was to renew the covenant as promised in Jeremiah 31. The law was to be written on the hearts of mankind and not on tablets of stone. Every new covenant required a sacrifice and Yeshua was the ultimate sacrifice for this covenant. Yes, He was born; however, it was not on December 25TH. He is not the reason for this season, but He is the reason that we as Gentiles can be grafted into the Olive Branch of Israel and we can have salvation. Now that is something to rejoice over, but Christmas isn't.

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