Sunday, February 27, 2011

Walking On The Right Path

Dr. W. T. Purkiser said in the May, 1959, Bible School Journal, speaking of the fall of Solomon: "The first steps away from God might not be large ones, but the direction is wrong and disaster follows." We must maintain a Christian walk that is ever drawing closer to God and His Word. It is only a small step in the wrong direction that takes you away from where you were in your relationship with God. Disaster is the destination of even the smallest step away from God and His Word. His Word is our instruction manual; it provides the answer to life's questions. We don't need man's traditions to guide us; we need the Word applied to our lives under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

What does a life look like that is headed in the wrong direction? First, the Word does not maintain the place of highest priority. Second, the desire to pray and worship God is absent. Third, the love of God has grown cold both toward Him and your fellow man. Fourth, there is a sense of drifting without a foundation. Fifth, there is denial that the wrong direction has become the destination. Sixth, there is a tendency to believe that everything depends on your actions without the aid of the Holy Spirit. Finally, there is a denial of sin. Everything will become relative to the one that has begun the journey to disaster. Now understand that these seven characteristics do not occur simultaneously. They are progressive steps in a downward spiral of spiritual death.

What is the answer to such a plight? The Hebrew word for "repent" is shoov. The word picture is to "destroy the house." This means to destroy all that is opposed to the Word of God in your house. Repentance always deals with the changing of addresses. You leave the kingdom of darkness and return to the Kingdom of light, i.e. God. We change where we live. We leave the land of worldly thinking, worldly speaking, and worldly living. We can joyfully return with singing knowing that Yeshua (Jesus) will never turn anyone away that comes to Him. Destroy everything that does not draw you closer to God. Walk the path of true holiness and righteousness. It is found in His Word. There is a highway there. Walk on it.

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