Friday, April 8, 2011

How To Pray

The Christian church taught me to pray using specifics. I was to find a Biblical passage to support my request and bring it to God in prayer. I was to detail what I wanted God to do because if I didn't, I would not receive a specific answer. I have found such an approach to make prayer a burdensome activity. It reminds me of preparing a case for the courtroom to present to a judge or a jury. Such approach makes God a legalistic entity that requires that you jump through theological hoops to get what you desire.

I have discovered a better approach that yields more effective results. It sounds like this: "Elohim, I need a miracle for _____________." This may sound simple, but break down the prayer. First, I am addressing Elohim. Elohim means Mighty One in Hebrew. I am talking to the One that can perform a miracle for me. He is Mighty and no hand can prevent Him from doing what He wants. Second, I am asking for a miracle. My prayer recognizes that my situation needs a Divine touch. If man could perform the activity, God's hand could be stayed. However, what I seek needs His hand active in my situation. Third, notice what is not prayed. I have not sought to manipulate Him. I have not told Him how to do what I seek. Instead, I am as a small child that asks his father for help. Prayer becomes a real joy, the way it should be.

Is your prayer life burdened by rules? Do you enjoy praying? If you enjoy your prayer life and you see results, don't bother with a change. However, if your prayer life needs freshness, consider the simple request of, "Elohim, I need a miracle for _______________."

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