Thursday, July 16, 2009


Of course, I have written on this theme before. (My first book was
"The Coming Great Reformation"). But recently I have sensed God
reminding me again that unless there is massive "shaking" and
change in the church - then any 'move' that comes will not achieve
what He desires. Some people simply want a return to repentance
preaching and holiness in the churches. They just want an old-
fashioned 'Revival'. That is a laudable aim - and one that I personally
love - but it is not enough. In fact, it is nowhere near enough.

The fact is, Reformations are far messier, more contentious and
immensely more "shaking" than Revivals. They tend to target pet
doctrines, ingrained cultures and structures that the church has
been clinging to for years. They bring massive disruption and
division. They force people to "choose sides". Those of us who
have studied history think that simple "Revivals" are bad enough.
Well, Reformations are ten times worse! And yet, without this
level of "shaking", God simply cannot achieve what He wants to achieve.

I believe God longs for a 'new' Church. I believe He will not be
satisfied until He has a bride for His son that is "without spot or
wrinkle or any such thing." And since we are in the Last Days,
I believe He wants a full restoration - back to the true original purity,
pattern and power of the early church. Nothing less will do. And
the "shaking" that is required to achieve such a thing is almost
beyond comprehension. But it is coming - in fact I believe it is now
upon us. The economic shaking we are going through is nothing
compared with what is about to hit the church. It will create a giant
"mess" - but it will be a glorious mess. And at the other end of it
lies a glorious church - truly fitting for a glorious Savior.

So what does all this require of us? -Simply that we co-operate
with God in what He is wanting to do. For many there will be a
temptation to settle for the simple restoration of holiness and
repentance - and to oppose anything that looks like causing much
of a 'shaking' beyond that. Brothers and sisters, let me warn you
that if you oppose this tidal wave of "change" that God is wanting
to bring to the church, then you will end up opposing God Himself.
And yet it will be very tempting for many. A lot of us don't like
upheaval and spiritual "revolution". But that is exactly what God is
wanting to bring. In fact, I believe that without Reformation we will
not get the Revival that we are seeking either. This time Revival
must come through "shaking" and Reformation - and no other way.

So if you want to be part of the next move of God, my friends,
set your backbone to be part of the tidal wave - not standing in
the way of it. God is coming to "clean house" - and we better be
ready to be "revolutionaries" along with Him if we want to be part
of what He is about to do.

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