Monday, August 30, 2010

Daily Word: Sending Yeshua Away

Yesterday, we saw that Yeshua healed the man from unclean spirits in the country of the Gadarenes. The spirits are sent into the pigs, who run off into the sea and drown. The people from the town come to see what happened and upon the discovery of the financial loss from the destruction of the swine and the seeing of the man in his right mind, they become afraid and ask Yeshua to leave. Today's teaching from Yeshua is not based on His words, but on His actions. When He asked to leave, He does so. There was no rebuke or long sermon, He simply yields to the will of the people and departs. Today's teaching is that if you want, Yeshua will leave you alone. The people cared more about money than the truth, or that a wonderful miracle of deliverance had occurred. Yeshua left them as they wished.

Today, people are still telling Yeshua to leave their homes, businesses, and families. There is a theology that God imposes His will on people to force them to follow Him. Yeshua does not teach this doctrine at Gadarenes. He teaches that you have the free moral ability to reject Him or follow Him. Too often, we want to shift the burden of our obedience to God. "If He will help me, I will be obedient." No, you are to obey and it is not Yeshua's fault if you don't. The Hebraic view is that you don't know or believe something unless it impacts your actions. We know someone is a follower of Yeshua when that person actually follows Yeshua, i.e. when we do what He did.

The question today is whether you are rejecting Yeshua and His teachings from any part of your life? Do you divide your life into compartments, e.g. work, home, friends, and only invite God into those parts you desire while shutting Him out of the others? It will not work that way; Yeshua comes into all or He comes into none. So, what is your decision? Does He leave or does He stay?

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Unknown said... we only allow only part of Him; certain, but not all doctrines, teachings, truth, benefits, exhortations, kind of a smorgasboard/Burger King/you choose theology, etc. This may be somewhat reminiscent of the classic hymn with a silent twist,"... I surrender all (except my ...), I surrender all, all to you my blessed saviour, I surrender all. Conclusion, a view from the far side might ask,"What part of you do you think He wants?" Say ouch or Amen...