Friday, August 27, 2010

Daily Word: Your Ancestry

In Mark 4: 30-31, Yeshua says: "What is the Kingdom of Elohim like? And with what parable can we compare it? It is a grain of mustard which when it is planted in the earth, is the smallest of all the seeds that are upon the earth. And when it is planted, it grows and it becomes greater than all the herbs, and produces great branches so that it is able in its shade to nest the bird." This passage is evidence that the inspiration of Scripture does not require scientific accuracy. The mustard seed is not the smallest seed, but it may have been the smallest seed in the region of the listeners. Yeshua liked to use the culture of the day to establish His points. So, to the audience, the mustard seed would have been the smallest of all seeds. We must remember that the Scriptures are a book of the relationship between God and man, and not a science book. Science did not exist when the Scriptures were written. Science developed hundreds of years later.

Yeshua is teaching that the Kingdom of Elohim starts small and grows very large. Think about this: if you are a follower of Yeshua today, you can trace your faith back to one of the early disciples. One of the believers in that crowd is the root of your faith. Truly, Yeshua's teaching has proven its truth. His message started small in the region of Palestine. It spread to Europe and beyond. Wherever you live, God has brought the message to your part of the planet. The Kingdom of Elohim is now worldwide. Our faith is the largest on earth and it began with a small group of Hebrew believers!

Today, consider your true ancestry. Your faith in Yeshua relates back to almost 2000 years. You follow Him today because someone in 30AD started spreading the word that ultimately reached you. Now that's a heritage!

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