Saturday, September 4, 2010

Daily Word: Faith or Fear

We will summarize Yeshua's teachings from the last several days. He comes back from the Gentile side of the Sea of Galilee. He is approached by a leader of the local synagogue to come and lay His hands upon His very sick daughter. Yeshua agrees to the request and begins the journey. A woman who has been ill for twelve years with a hemorrhage of blood comes from behind Yeshua and grabs His Jewish tallit by the tassel called a tzitzit and is instantly healed. Yeshua informs her that her faith has made her whole. As Yeshua and Jarius begin again to go to the daughter, they are informed that she has died. They don't expect Yeshua to come because to do so would make Him ritually unclean to touch the dead body. Yeshua turns to Jarius and commands him to keep the faith (which we have learned is a call to action). They arrive and remove the mourners and Yeshua touches the girl and commands healing and she is brought back to life. No doubt, the ones mocking and laughing at Yeshua probably became very silent at the display of His authority over death.

What are the lessons that Yeshua teaches through these events? First, Yeshua will respond to our requests. Second, sometimes events don't happen as fast as we desire. I'm sure Jarius didn't want Yeshua to stop and talk to the woman since that caused a delay in the journey to his daughter. Third, sometimes things get worse after we call on Yeshua to help us. The daughter died after the request by Jarius for help. Fourth, our individual faith in action sometimes plays an important role in the outcome of our difficulties. Fifth, you can't operate in both faith and fear at the same time. You have to choose one or the other. While you have the free choice capability, the consequences of your choice are not yours to make. You can choose faith or fear, but the result of your choice is God's domain. If Jarius had sent Yeshua away after the news of the daughter's death, he would have had a funeral to plan. Since he continued to walk in faith, he had a celebration to attend. His faith; God's results. Finally, sometimes you can't tell it all. Mark 5: 43 reads: "But Yeshua commanded them strictly that no one should know about the healing, and said that something should be given her to eat." Sometimes we need to wait to share good news.

Today, examine whether your actions demonstrate faith or fear. It is your choice, but you can only choose one. You will live your life motivated by faith or fear. Which one do you think Yeshua wants you to have? Which one do you think the Satan wants you to operate in?

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This article has been written very interesting way of the Messiah according to the text of the old covenant.