Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finding Peace

Isaiah 26:3 says: Thou dost keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusts in thee. (RSV) The Hebrew word for "peace" is shalom. In Hebrew, this is a standard greeting. On the Sabbath, you will hear, "Shabbot Shalom." What does the word shalom actually mean? It is composed of the following letters: Sheen, Lamed, Vav, and Mem. Sheen means to destroy. Lam means authority. Vav has the picture of establish. Finally, Mem refers to chaos. When read together, the word picture for shalom is to destroy the authority that establishes chaos. This is a beautiful picture for the word translated as "peace" in English Bibles. When that which brings chaos is destroyed, peace will rule in our lives.

One obtains shalom as the mind is stayed on Elohim. The Hebrew word for "mind" is yēṣer. It means something thought of in the mind, such as wickedness in people's hearts (Gen. 6:5); or something treasured or stored in the heart (1 Chr. 29:18). The Hebrew word for "stayed" is sāmak. It refers to supporting or sustaining someone. Read together, one way to have peace in your life is to have your thought life be supported or sustained by Elohim. How is this accomplished? It is achieved by immersing oneself in the very Words of Elohim as found in the Scriptures. You will find shalom manifesting in your life as you read both the Hebrew Scriptures and the Second Writings, i.e. New Testament. Chaos will be destroyed as the Word of Elohim becomes dominant in your thought life.

When you find peace absent in your life, consider what you have been thinking about. Ask what has been sustaining you? You will quickly notice that if peace is absent, so has been the sustaining thoughts of the Word of Elohim. He has given us the power to have peace in our lives. Chaos can be destroyed. Peace will manifest as we focus our thoughts on Him and His Word.

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