Monday, March 7, 2011

The Importance of Words

The Talmud says: "Do not speak one thing with the mouth and another with the heart." Rabbi Kerry Olitzky explains in the devotional Sacred Intentions: "Some people say that we are what we eat. Judaism spins this idea a little differently. To the Rabbis, we are what we say. And what we say is very important. Words are among our most powerful tools. According to the Torah, the world was created with words spoken by God, the Holy One of Blessing. We all know the powerful effect that words can have on us, whether they be kind words or harsh words. Reading the Torah's discussion on leprosy, the Rabbis suggest that leprosy is really an acronym in Hebrew for evil speech and that speaking disparagingly about others and engaging in gossip is like leprosy."

You will eat the fruit of your speech. You have a choice to create a world of blessing or a world of cursing. The words you speak today will shape your tomorrows. To some, this may seem strange. However, the reality of the power of words is throughout the Sacred Scriptures. Words spoken have continuing force. The deceptive blessing of Jacob could not be withdrawn even through it rewarded deceit. Mankind could accomplish whatever it set its mind to do because only one language existed. That is why Elohim confused speech at the Tower of Babel. The confused speech impaired the power of man. In the same way, if we can align our words with Elohim's Words, nothing shall be impossible to us.

Guard your mouth. Consider every word that leaves your lips. Believe that everything you say will actually happen. When you do, you will begin to harness the power of speech as understood by the Rabbis. And that includes Yeshua, i.e. Jesus!

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