Monday, December 22, 2008

An Open Letter to Rick Warren

Joseph Farah, an American author, journalist, and editor-in-chief of WorldNetDaily has written the following letter to Rick Warren (and I have placed in bold certain portions that I feel should be emphasized):

"I'm writing to share my profound and abject revulsion at your agreement to offer the invocation at the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as president Jan. 20.

I understand you want this to be a time of "healing" for our nation. I understand you consider Obama to be your "friend." I understand your desire to bring "civility" to our society.

However, when we read the Bible, we see there are times for men of God to stand up to leaders, like Nathan did to King David, and confront them with the absolute truth of God's word and His laws. That's what all Christians should do when confronted with leaders embracing evil.


That's a strong word.

But I use it advisedly.

Let's focus on just one of Obama's evil policies, though there are dozens more we should consider.

Barack Obama is opposed to any and all restrictions on the killing of unborn children and has pledged to work against the few that remain. In fact, as a state legislator in Illinois, he pushed a law that would require the killing of babies born alive after unsuccessful abortions. You know he will also open the floodgates to the use of U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund abortion overseas through groups like Planned Parenthood and agencies such as the United Nations Population Fund. You should note the U.N. supports forced abortions and sterilizations in China. He has even promised to sign into law the Freedom of Choice Act, which would make illegal even peaceful efforts to persuade mothers from aborting their babies. In essence, Obama holds and has pledged to enforce, a radical pro-abortion position that will curtail free speech, freedom of religion and ensure that many more innocent lives will be destroyed.

I call that evil.

I would hope you, a pastor of the gospel of Jesus Christ, would also call that evil.

I'm trying to imagine Jesus giving an invocation at the inauguration of such a man. I think you will agree, it's unimaginable.

So why are you ready, willing and eager to do this thing?

I ask you, as a brother in the Lord, to examine your heart, your mind and your soul as to your motivations for offering this prayer.

Yes, we are commanded to pray for our leaders. But there is no suggestion in the Bible that we are ever to be used as political pawns by praying at their events – especially when they are promoting the wholesale slaughter of innocent human beings.
I understand your yearning for civility.

I yearn for it, too.

But civility begins with the understanding that we are all made in the image of God. It begins with the rejection of the shedding of innocent blood. It begins with the church standing boldly upon its absolute convictions in the Word of God and in His laws.

I'm sure you would not want to invoke God's blessing on the inauguration of a figure like Adolf Hitler, whose rise to power brought the destruction of millions of lives.

So, in principle, you agree there is a time for believers to stand up to elected leaders and rebuke them – even publicly. Apparently, you don't believe that time is now – that the deaths of untold numbers of born and unborn babies is not justification enough for such a stance.

I disagree.

I want you to know that.

God will not bless the Obama administration's plans for murder, no matter what you say on Jan. 20. It's time for Rick Warren to decide whether he stands with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or if he stands with the world and his "friend," Barack Hussein Obama."

I agree with most of what Mr. Farah states in his open letter; however, I must take issue with his calling Rick Warren a "brother in the Lord." No, I don't think Rick Warren is a brother in the Lord based on his theology of salvation (e.g. say this 9 word prayer to settle your eternal destiny as per The Purpose Driven Life), his failure to stand up for the unborn, and his continued compromising on a number of issues, e.g. the recent removal of his anti-gay stance on his church web site. Warren's position on what it takes to be born again is contrary to the Bible. Jesus said to deny yourself, pick up your cross, and to follow Him. Do you hear those words from Mr. Warren? Perhaps he has said them and I am mistaken. If so, I would be pleased to stand corrected. Has anyone heard Mr. Warren's plan of salvation to be anything other than a "say this prayer?" Please tell me if I am wrong. I welcome correction if it is justified. Until then, Mr. Farah, I believe you got it almost 100% correct. Next time, please don't call Warren a "brother in the Lord."

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