Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Would Jesus Dance the New Year In?

What are you doing New Years Eve? Do you want to bring in the New Year with dancing, games, and fun? Now before you begin to judge, I am not talking about skipping church. No, New Life Fellowship in Elmhurst, New York, is offering a creative way for Christians to welcome the New Year. This is taken from their church web site:

"We're going back to the 70s as we celebrate the New Year together! There will be catered food, games for the entire family, and dancing. There will also be a Best of the 70's costume contest, dance lessons, watching the ball drop together, worship with Jusup and a short devotional led by Pete and much much more! We have invited professional dance instructors to teach us basic dance steps that are fun and easy for all ages. This is the perfect way to bring together the different generations of New Lifers, both young and old."

Doesn't that sound fun? Do you think Jesus would be there if He was still walking the earth? I don't know who I feel the most sorry for: the leadership of this church who think this is the way Christians should behave or the poor souls that are blindly following them. This is a time for Christians to be very concerned about the lost. Time is running short and we that are in the true church must pray and fast before it is too late. In studying church history, I do not see a time that the early church had such activities. They were a group of committed believers that followed the path Jesus walked. They denied themselves, picked up their crosses and followed Him to the best of their ability. I don't see that at a 1970's dancing party. God send conviction; God send revival (the real thing not a man made scheduled set of meetings with lukewarm pew warmers); God grant repentance to those that seek you.

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