Monday, December 1, 2008

Judgment on California

The following was reported today, just several hours ago:
Reporting from Sacramento -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered the new Legislature into work on its first day, declaring a fiscal emergency in response to the state's deteriorating finances.
"Without immediate action, our state is headed for a fiscal disaster where everyone will be hurt," Schwarzenegger said at a news conference this afternoon in his Los Angeles office. He urged Californians to press lawmakers to "get off their rigid ideologies."
The state projects a $28-billion deficit by mid-2010, but at the current rate is on track to run out of cash by February or March.

California has been a recent leader in the support of gay marriages. Gay marriages mock a holy God and will eventually bring His wrath of judgment. The people made their feelings known concerning Prop 8, but the leaders and judges want to overturn that vote. Those leaders are bringing judgment on the moral people that voted against gay marriage. California is leading the way for judgment. To all those that choose to mock God, beware because judgment is coming.

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