Monday, June 1, 2009

Good or Bad Ambition

What are you working to achieve? What holds your heart captive? Where is your treasure? The Christian should have God's will as his goal; it is God we are to serve, and His will is to become ours. The following story will encourage you to take an examination of what others already see. Sometimes, we are the last to know what is readily apparent to others.

A student of Amherst College, soon after entering, put over the door of his dormitory room the letter V. Because of it he endured all sorts of ridicule and withstood questioning. But he paid no attention to either, nor would he disclose the secret of the letter. When his four years were over, and graduation day came, that student was appointed to deliver the valedictory. Then the mystery of that letter V was revealed. It stood for valedictory. That letter on the door held before him during his four years the ideal that he had set for himself.

Not every boy puts a letter over the door of his college room or over the door of his house. But nevertheless, somewhere, if only in his mind, there is a letter that he pastes there and that holds before him an ideal. Some put up the letter M that stands for money. Others put up F, for fame. Others put up S, which may stand either for self or for service. It is a good idea once in a while to step outside your door and look at the letter you have put there. It may be that when you realize what it is you will want to change it. -- Moody Monthly

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