Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Torah and the Associated Press

Researchers in Israel, after subjecting the first five books of the Bible to exhaustive computer analysis, came to a different conclusion than expected. The Torah, or Books of Moses, had long been assumed by skeptics to be the work of multiple authors. But Scripture scholar Moshe Katz and computer expert Menachem Wiener of the Israel Institute of Technology analyzed the book's material through sophisticated computer analysis. They discovered an intricate pattern of significant words concealed in the canon, spelled by letters separated at fixed intervals. Mr. Katz says that the statistical possibilities of such patterns happening by chance would be one to three million. The material suggests a single, inspired author. In fact, it could not have been put together by human capabilities at all. Adds Mr. Wiener, "So we need a nonrational explanation. Ours is that the (Torah) was written by God through the hand of Moses." -- Associated Press

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