Monday, June 1, 2009

Start Small

A man dreamed that when he died he was taken by the angels to a beautiful temple. After admiring it for a time, he discovered that one stone was missing. All was finished but just one little stone that was left out. He said to the angel, "What is this stone left out for?" The angel replied, "That was left out for you, but you were waiting to do great things and so this was never finished." He was startled and woke, and resolved that he would become a faithful worker for God in little things. -- D. L. Moody

Too many want to wait for a big opportunity to do something for the Kingdom of God. They just keep waiting and waiting and wonder why God does not use their talents in some way. Many times the answer is simply that God wants us to start small and show our faithfulness. Thereafter, larger opportunities may present themselves. The main point is to be faithful in whatever He trusts you to do.

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