Saturday, October 16, 2010

Daily Word: Meditating on the Hebrew Alphabet (Kaf)

The eleventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Kaf. In ancient Hebrew it meant a palm or a wing. It symbolizes to allow, to cover, or to open. The hand performs all these functions. It allows; it can cover; and it can open the way. Hebrew words that contain Kaf will demonstrate some attribute of the hand. The Hebrew word for yes is ken. The word picture informs us that to say yes is to open your hand to life or activity. The Hebrew word for priest is ko-hen. By placing Hey in the middle of the word for yes, the word picture is formed that tells us that the role of the priest is to reveal the heart of the "yes." The Hebrew word for all, complete, or everything is kol. The word picture tells us that it is "whole" when you open the hand of the rod. The Hebrew word for forgive is kee-per. The word picture tells us that to forgive comes when, instead of pronouncing judgment, you cover the mouth of the person. This is exactly what occurs by the grace of G-d. The mouth of the accuser is covered when we receive grace from ADONAI.

In Psalm 119 verses 81-88, each verse begins with the letter Kaf. Since Kaf is the open hand, these eight verses inform us that we all need the open hand of G-d. Too often we seek the open hand of man, when it is the mercy, compassion, and grace from the open hand of G-d we need. Consider whose hand you seek. Is it the favor of man, or the favor of G-d?

Today, consider the hand of G-d. Look to His past faithfulness to act in the present. It is because of what His hand has done in the past, we can have trust in His hand to open in the present. Our future, as well as our present, is secure because of His open hand. Seek His open hand and not man's.

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