Monday, October 18, 2010

Daily Word: Meditating on the Hebrew Alphabet (Mem)

The thirteenth leter in the Hebrew alphabet is Mem. In ancient Hebrew, it meant water. It symbolized: (1) a mighty, massive or many; (2) chaos; or (3) to come from like water down a stream. The Hebrew word for mother is em. The word picture informs us that a mother is the strong water. A mother is like the water that never fails; she is the life giver. The Hebrew word for thirst is tsa-ma. The word picture is that when you thirst, you are hooked by water strongly. The Hebrew word for bitter is mar. The word picture is that a bitter person is as a chaos man. Have you noticed that those who are bitter in life are surrounded by chaos? They go hand in hand.

In Psalm 119 verses 97-104, all verses begin with the letter Mem. Since Mem means water, these eight verses tell us that as water in the desert produces life and growth, G-d's word causes us to flourish. When you grow in G-d's word, you increase in insight, understanding, and wisdom. If you want these attributes in your life, they are available to you. However, you will need to study G-d's word. The power is in His word. There you will find wisdom and life.

Today, consider your study habits. Do you really take time to study G-d's word? Or, are you content to read a few passages and wait for church to receive some nourishment. Make today a day of study. Dig into G-d's word. As you do, you will find insight, understanding, and wisdom increasing in your life.

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