Sunday, October 10, 2010

Daily Word: Meditating on the Hebrew Alphabet (Hey)

The fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Hey. Hey in ancient Hebrew meant behold. The picture of a man with his hands lifted up, or of an open window can be seen in the ancient symbols for this letter. The pictograph of a window symbolizes to show or to reveal. The idea behind behold is that you are being shown something that is distinct and clear. That which you may behold may answer that which you seek. The eight verses 33-40 in Psalm 119 all begin with Hey. The eight verses inform the reader how G-d's teaching can give us understanding of His Torah. When His word is established in our lives, we should honor and revere Him.

A review of the first words in each verse referenced above in English are: teach, give, make, incline, turn away, establish, and behold. They are all requests from the Psalmist to ask ADONAI to do something for him. The requests are to: (1) teach me Thy statutes; (2) give understanding; (3) make me walk in Thy commandments; (4) incline my heart to Thy testimonies; (5) turn my eyes away from vanities; (6) establish Thy word to Thy servant; (7) turn away my reproach; and (8) behold, I long for Thy precepts; revive me. The heart cry of Hey is a plea for understanding of the ways of ADONAI.

Today, what is your heart cry? Do you seek to learn more of ADONAI and His ways? Consider the letter Hey. Meditate on the ways of ADONAI and seek to follow Him according to your best ability.

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