Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting a Rhema Word

There are several Greek words in the New Testament that are translated as "word" in our English Bibles. One is rhema. Rhema means "that which is spoken, which uttered in speech or writing." Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary explains the difference between logos (another Greek word translated "word") and rhema: "The significance of rhema (as distinct from logos) is exemplified in the injunction to take 'the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God,' Eph. 6:17; here the reference is not to the whole Bible as such, but to the individual scripture which the Spirit brings to our remembrance for use in a time of need...." The rhema word is alive. It has been spoken to your inner person. It has power in your life. Sometimes it is a specific Scripture and other times it may be a Biblical principle. It is something that can be used in a spiritual battle with darkness.

I was looking at one of my Bibles I used during the time period of 2005-2006 when I preached number of revivals across the USA. I found the following rhema words that I had recorded and I wanted to share them with you. They may speak to you and become a rhema word to you.

1. January, 2006 "What you talk, you walk."
2. December 1, 2006 (right after the birth of my son Seth) "If the Word says its done, IT'S DONE!"
3. December 5, 2006 "Nothing is impossible with God. Nothing is impossible to us." To accomplish this, (a) our faith links us to God; (b) we have the Name that gives us the authority; and (c) we use the Word as the source of power (word of His power) to accomplish the impossible."
4. June 28, 2005 "You live today, what you said yesterday."
5. May 31, 2005 "If Satan can deceive you, he can defeat you. Stay in the Word!
6. April 30, 2005 "You can possess what you confess when it it is the Word you profess!"

These words were very powerful when spoken to me. You might want to consider getting a journal and recording rhema words that are spoken to you. They are a source of faith and a reminder that God still speaks to His children.

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