Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Possibility of the Impossible

Do you face a situation that seems impossible? Is there a mountain of doubt and unbelief that prevents you from seeing the power of God in your life? Or, have you reached a place that God is too small to really do something in your life? In the 9TH chapter of Mark, a man brings his son who has a spirit possession problem to Yeshua's (Jesus') disciples. They are not able to deliver the son. Then Yeshua gets involved. The father asked could Yeshua do anything about his impossible situation. Yeshua said in Mark 9:23: And Yeshua said to him, "If you can! All things are possible to him who believes." (RSV) Yeshua sets a standard for receiving from Him. The standard is one has to believe. The Greek word is pisteuo and it means to be firmly persuaded as to something, and when spoken in reference to God to trust in Him as able and willing to help and answer prayer. That is where so many miss the possibility of the impossible. They think God is able, but they question His willingness.

While preaching a revival service on the will of God to heal, I was approached by an older leader of the church who said to me: "Pastor Jenkins, I wish you would not talk so much about healing. The devil does a lot of healing today to mislead people." I looked at him and said that things sure have changed from Bible days. "Back then," I said, "Yeshua used to heal and the devil made people ill. But now, you are telling me that God makes people sick and the devil heals them." This man could not see the possibility of the impossible. Yeshua has told us that "All things" are possible; He didn't say, "All things except what the doctor said is impossible." He carved out no exceptions. If we can be firmly persuaded that something is possible, then it is possible. That was the difference between Yeshua and the disciples. They really didn't believe the son could be set free. Yeshua knew that the realm of impossibility could be brought into the possible through faith.

Can you see the impossible becoming possible? Better yet, can you see the impossible becoming probable? If we believe and act on the proposition that God can and will answer prayer, we will see the impossible pass away to the possible! We have the authority and right to use Yeshua's name to command spirits, sickness, and disease to depart. Do you believe?

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ToddZilla said...


My wife and I have been talking about this very subject for weeks now. People, including many Pastors, pray like widows instead of brides. They believe that YHWH can do amazing things they just don't believe he will. Yeshua did his healing through the will of the father. Yeshua even admitted that all things were from the father including his supernatural powers. I am learning to approach YHWH in the way that my own children would approach me. They would ask anything of me and expect me to deliver. They may not always get what they ask for because I'm sure as heck not gonna give them a loaded shotgun if they ask for one, but they still know tha they're daddy will take care of their needs. Pray like a child of the Eternal Father and you shall receive.