Thursday, January 20, 2011

Making God Happy

Did you know that you can make God happy? Psalm 35:27 says: "Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favour my righteous cause: yea, let them say continually, Let the LORD be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant." (KJV) Read that slowly. God has pleasure when we are prosperous. The Hebrew word for pleasure is hapes and it means having delight in, or having pleasure in. The word is an adjective. This means that it is describing how God feels. He feels pleasure when what occurs? When His children are prosperous. What does the word prosperous mean? The Hebrew word is shalom and it means peace or tranquility. Another good definition for shalom is "nothing broken and nothing missing."

God wants His servants to live a life of nothing broken and nothing missing. If you are ill, something is missing, i.e. health. If you can't pay your bills, something is missing, i.e. money. If you are worrying about something, something is missing, i.e. peace. Do you think that God is able to create the circumstances in your life that would enable you to have peace? Yes, He can and will do that for you. God desires to make you an object of His blessing. Look back at Genesis. What were the first words Adam heard? They were words of blessing. God wants His children blessed, i.e. prosperous, so He can reveal His true nature to those that do not know Him. Somewhere the church got off track when it began to make an idol out of suffering. The Hebraic mindset was to avoid being a martyr. The reason is that to the Hebrew, life was sacred and intended to be enjoyed.

Today, confess that your prosperity will bring pleasure to God. Now understand, you have a part to play in the equation. You can't just sit back and wait. God does not reward laziness. Tell yourself that God wants you prosperous and go make it happen. If that means studying more, do it. If that means working harder, do it. Whatever He tells you to do, just do it. You will find shalom overtaking you and surrounding like the brilliance of the Son.

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ToddZilla said...

Too many churches, including pastors, pray like widows instead of brides. They ask for things knowing that God can do them but don't EXPECT God to do them. Why would we pray for healing if we didn't believe that it would happen? Do we really believe that YHWH would make us look like fools which would in turn not reflect well on YHWH? If we were to approach our Heavenly father like children do their Earthly fathers then a lot of stuff would get done. Just my 2 cents